The Secret Sound, Klagesang (2019)

Safe & Sound Recordings

Compositions: Kristine Marie Aasvang

Mix: Stefan Remen

Master: Peder Jørgensen

Design: Dag Eirik Clausen

Print: Kristine Marie Aasvang

Sound installation in Münster, Germany

The piece Everything Stays was played in a tunell during a city exhibition curated by René Haustein together with Cuba Cultur hbf.

The Secret Sound

My Love (2014)

released on Marsmelons records:



Drive In Sound Art II, Galleri Ruth

The Secret Sound, Flytaxi (2014)

You can hear the sound here among other sound pieces


Sound Installation

Galleri Kit, Trondheim

BA utstilling 2013

The Secret Sound, Zero & Out

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